Saturday, July 17, 2010

Virginia ride

Today's ride was spectacular. Absolutely lovely. We did a loop around the countryside of really fun roads. The weather held out for us which was very lucky as lots of the other rides did end up getting wet. We went through so many different areas showing all the different demographics. There was one spot where Brent said "gee it looks like a scene from deliverance around here" . And he was not far from the truth! Just shy of a banjo in the back ground. I did get some video although the clip is short. I recommend turning your volume down due to wind to watch it.

I highly recommend the road runner ride. It was a fun time.

The one thing I have learned through this week is to really appreciate your friends, and even when things do not work out the way you'd like them to, to not get sour or angry or bitter. It doesn't do anyone any good. People change, plans change, motives change. Humans are such a complex species that sometimes they make me shake my head. I'm going to enjoy the positive people.

Oh and I went to walmart to see if I could get a good metric set to pull my back seat off my bike to get the damaged saddle bags out and rehung.. Mom and Bill, you guys have NOTHING on this Walmart comparing the Hawley Walmart to the one down here! And I couldn't get the seat off so I think the saddle bags are going to be going in the trash in the AM

I am trying to find others to ride with but as of now I'm flying solo. I plan to leave in the morning after breakfast

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