Thursday, July 15, 2010

Allegra and I find Beer and Crabs

So it's 4:15 AM and my body has woken itself up saying "don't oversleep you have a big day ahead". Nothing could be closer to the truth. I am so excited today that I am going to be heading to VA to see Mona and Billy. Mona is my childhood riding trainer. The first to throw me up on a horse and get me hooked!

Allegra and I have had a wonderful last 36 hours together. Yesterday we did just about everything and it felt like old times. I also got to see Leslie, another Oldfields School classmate. I have to say the three of us together was just like we were 11th grade school girls again. Silly, childlish, and way too much fun. Yesterday we decided to go check out Oldfields. I have not been back there since the day I walked down graduation hill. We parked at Old House and started walking through and going back in history. So much was still the same, even down to the smells from 20 years ago. At one point we went into the auditorium, which was dark inside, and sat in the front row seats and looked up at the stage. Everything seems so much smaller and in scale now looking back as an adult, but as we were young children, it has been larger than life. Sitting in the front seats Allegra and I had reflected on our theatrical experiences here and how important they were to us. What I finally came up with after contemplating what OS meant to me was that OS gave us options. It gave us a chance to try on all different careers safely and comfortably. It allowed us to conjur up ideas and try them out as dreams. It stimulated us all to find out what was our niche. We also went through the dorms and looking back as adults realized how much smaller they are now to us. Allegra and I went through remembering where I set of the smoke alarms from popcorn fires in the microwave, where she had the luxury of getting the tar beaten out of her by a not so nice OS girl, when and who became my personal bully. Turns out, many of us were bullied by the same person or clique of people. The look back in time was wonderful on so many levels and made me appreciate the difference and similies between growing up back then vs. now.

Last night Allegra organized a crab dinner. We had gone to the store and ordered 3 dozen extra large crabs for 5 people. I never had any clue how incredibly labor intensive eating crab was. Lobster is a cake walk in comparison. I would starve to death before I could actually meet a 2000 day calorie fix from crab. But wow were they amazingly sweet and tender. And learning how to open, clean, and eat was a great, albeit messy, experience.

So I'm off in a few. I plan to leave att 6 am. My body however decided I needed to wake up a while ago. I sat in bed trying to make myself get the last two hours of sleep. When that didn't happen I just got up and grabbed the laptop and started to write. I'll follow up througout the day today with location posts until I get to the Holiday Inn in Bristol.

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