Sunday, July 4, 2010

The start of something

So the cat is out of the bag. I was supposed to take a cross country vacation trip with a friend of mine but due to circumstances beyond my control it has been cancelled. I promised my husband that I would not travel coast to coast alone. I was really at a low point as the trip had promised to bring a lot of neat beginnings. A friend and I were conversing on line and he stated why not go to another ride and he told me of one in the south that he highly recommended. Thanks Fred!

So the frown has been turned upside down and I am going to salvage my ride but with different ambitions. I am incorporating in visiting my boarding school roommate along the half way point and my childhood riding trainer, Mona! I am so excited!

I don't know what to expect at the organized ride. I am eager to make new friends and ride the beautiful countryside that everyone tells me exists in VA/TN area. My bike was recently in the shop for new tires, and I gave it the regular service maintenance in my barn two weeks ago. I should be good for operating rubber side down!

I've bought my safety jacket (spine, shoulder and elbow protection), rain gear, new boots, a disposable video camera (thank god for Big Lots), sent in my registration for the ride, and booking my hotel room on Tuesday.

The ride down will be two days. 400 miles a day in the saddle rain or shine. I know my butt will be sore at the end of this. Here's hoping it's well worth it!


  1. Love it! I'll be checking in and can't wait to hear what each day brings. I'm sure it'll be amazing!

  2. BE SAFE and I look forward to reading your updates :)